Denise McCormack, Storyteller

Denise McCormack, M...

General Information






by appointment


Art Type

Theater/Drama Literary Arts/Poetry Other

Art Activity

Art-making and Instruction Curriculum-integrated Performances

Program Time

In-school After School Weekends Summer

Age Group

Under 5 6-10 11-13 14-19 20-54 55+

Other Needs

English as a Second Language Mobility Disabilities Development and Learning Disabilities

About Us

Denise McCormack, M.Ed., is a performance artist who promotes storytelling and its benefits for entertainment, education, community, and health and well-being.
Stories improve academic outcomes and connect with listeners to foster empathy and understanding of self and others.
Writing and storytelling workshops are also available, as is coaching for individuals and small groups to improve communication skills.

Services Offered

McCormack offers story performance and events, as well as targeted workshops and key note addresses for specific purposes that relate to education, social justice, and business and focus on the neurological and physical impulses that connect us. Coaching is also available for individuals and small groups to improve communication.


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